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10 Most Popular Turkish Dishes You Must Try

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

There are many dishes in the rich Turkish cuisine that you should try. But we have listed the most popular and most loved ones. We wrote the dishes that you should definitely try on your trip to Turkey! 10 Most Popular Food of Turkish Cuisine - With Photos.

1. Simit

Let's start with the 'simit', which is generally preferred for breakfast. Simit can be consumed with Turkish tea or ayran. You can find it from street vendors or patisseries selling simit in Turkey. You can choose it as a milky simit or a crispy simit.

turkish dishes breakfast simit photo

2. Iskender kebab

You may have heard or tried the name kebab, but iskender kebab is very different! It is especially famous in Bursa city of Turkey.

It is prepared by putting doner meat in thin slices on pita bread. Tomato paste sauce and butter are poured on it. Served with a few tomatoes and pepper. We recommend you to try this delicious dish with ayran!

iskender kebab turkish food meat

3. Manti

Manti is prepared by putting minced meat into small pieces of dough. It is a popular part of Turkish cuisine as well as other Central Asian cuisines. It is a dish that you can find both at home and in restaurants. It is served with yogurt and tomato paste sauce.

manti turkish food photo

4. Lahmacun

Lahmacun is prepared with minced meat, parsley, onion, and garlic on the rolled dough. It is also known as Turkish-style pizza. It is one of the popular dishes that should definitely be tried in Turkey.

lahmacun turkish pizza photo

5. Döner

If you like sandwiches, doner is for you. It got its name from cooking large pieces of meat by turning it. It is prepared with sliced meat pieces, onions, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise and ketchup, lettuce between bread or lavash. It can be consumed with ayran or şalgam, a beverage made from radish. It is one of the most popular street food in Turkey.

doner turkish food meat bread

6. Çiğ Köfte

Çiğ Köfte is meatballs made with bulgur, onions, peppers and tomato paste, spices, and herbs. It is consumed by wrapping in a wrap or a piece of lettuce. It is one of the most favorite street flavors in Turkey.

7. Baklava

The most famous dessert of Turks is baklava. Walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios are placed between the dough. It is high in calories. It is loved by most people in Turkey.

baklava turkish famous dessert

8. Lokum

Lokum, also known as Turkish Delight, is a confectionery based on a gel consisting of starch and sugar. There are varieties consisting of pistachios, hazelnuts, or walnuts. In Turkey, it is served with Turkish coffee.

lokum turkish delight

9. Turkish Coffee and Turkish Tea

Turkish coffee is strong and optionally bitter or sweet. It is served in a small cup. Traditional Turkish tea is grown in Turkey and is served with sugar upon request. Turks usually drink tea for breakfast.

turkish coffee and turkish tea drinks

10. Ayran

It is a beverage made by adding water to yogurt. Drinking in the summer can cool you down. Ayran is a salty drink that usually goes well with any food. Its history dates back to 552-745 AD.