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Seattle is one of the largest financial centers in the USA. It has produced many world-famous brands. Also, Seattle's nickname is "The City of Music" and ''The Emerald City''.

Seattle, the home of major brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, is located in the northwest end of Washington State.

Note: Always have a thin raincoat or umbrella with you during your trip.

Top tips for first time visitors to Seattle

Best time to go: The best time to go to Seattle in September and October. But if you want to go in the summer, consider the crowd and city occupancy rate. And remember that you will encounter the Seattle rain in early autumn.

Seattle has many tourist attractions. But we suggest you start the day with a Seattle coffee. If you've had your coffee, let's start our list of places to visit in Seattle!

1. Space Needle

Places to Visit in Seattle
Space Needle

Built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, the Space Needle has come to symbolize the Emerald City more than anything else. At 605 feet (184 meters) tall, it dominates Seattle's skyline. A revolving observation tower sits 520 feet above the ground and offers an ever-changing view of Seattle for miles, including Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

A revolving restaurant is at a lower level. Sunset is a good time to take the elevator climbing at 10 miles per hour to see Seattle shimmering below.

2. Museum Of Pop Culture

Places to Visit in Seattle
Museum Of Pop Culture

One of Microsoft's founder Paul Allen's biggest contributions to the city (and there are many) is the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop). Formerly known as the Experience Music Project, the museum's structure was designed by architect Frank Gehry in 2000, so it truly is a sight to behold. Exhibits vary by topic and explore themes ranging from video games to horror movies to tattoo culture. Arrive early on weekdays if you want to beat the crowd. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seattle, WA.

3. Museum of Flight

Places to Visit in Seattle
Museum of Flight

Seattle's Museum of Flight is home to a wide variety of aircraft, educational exhibits, and historical objects related to flight. The museum is open Thursday-Monday and your visit can last all day. Alongside general admission, the museum offers world-class experiences with access to behind-the-scenes exhibits.

The museum is an open-air gallery, displaying the largest aircraft in the collection, including the Concorde, the first Air Force One jet, and famous WWII military aircraft such as the B-17F Flying Fortress. The indoor Grand Gallery at the museum gives visitors the thrill of seeing the many planes suspended in flight. The Lear and Space galleries focus on space travel, both its history and its future.

History buffs, especially I. and II. She'll love the Personal Courage Wing, dedicated to remembering the important role of aviation during World War II. Exhibits include 28 restored fighter jets, personal stories of pilots and air support troops, and interactive experiences such as a flight simulator. Located in the barn that once housed the next-generation Boeing Airplane Company, the Red Barn collections explore the early days of flight.

4. Living Computers: Museum and Labs

The Living Computers Museum and Laboratories is a tech paradise filled with items and interactive opportunities that look at the history of computers, modern achievements, and future potential. Its extensive vintage collections include some of the first computers, as well as exhibits that look at the lives and work of the geniuses who revolutionized the personal computer and beyond, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen.

The museum's philosophy is that visitors must experience it on their own to fully understand it, so many of the exhibits encourage interaction. Visitors can experience cutting-edge virtual reality, take a simulated ride in a self-driving car, and even sit down to write some code for their own video game. Other topics include the world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and Big Data.

5. Pike Place Market

Places to Visit in Seattle
Pike Place Market

Opened in 1907, Pike Place Market is one of the oldest continuously operating farmers' markets in the country. A community of farmers, street performers, and restaurateurs, this place is more than just a place to eat: Be sure to check out the underground shops, bookstores, apothecaries, and a very special magic shop.

As you exit the market, you'll notice a line curving around the first Starbucks in the world. The inside is exactly like any other Starbucks, so the 20-minute line to order a latte is definitely something you can skip.

6. Woodland Park Zoo

Top tips for first time visitors to Seattle
Woodland Park Zoo

A very popular place to visit in Seattle is the award-winning Woodland Park Zoo, home to an astonishing array of animals from all over the world. Located right next to Green Lake Park in North Central Seattle, its expansive space has numerous natural exhibits for you to explore.

Since starting as a small zoo over a hundred years ago, the zoo's collection has expanded significantly and now includes more than 300 different species. In addition to jaguars and grizzly bears, you can see exotic birds and scary reptiles, as well as Malayan tigers, gorillas, and Indian rhinos in the show.

7. Boeing Future of Flight​

Travelers who want to make their own airplanes or simply want to learn how airplanes are made will definitely want to visit the Boeing factory where 747s, 777s, and 787s (Dreamliner) are produced.

This Boeing factory is located in Everett, about 25 kilometers north of Seattle. Operated by the Center for the Future of Flight Aviation, these tours are the only commercial airplane factory tours offered in North America. In addition to touring the factory at Paine Field, visitors also have the opportunity to design their own aircraft.

8. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Garden and Glass

Located in the heart of Seattle, Chihuly Garden and Glass offers a look at the inspirations and influences that shaped the career of artist Dale Chihuly. The exhibition has eight interior galleries and a lush outdoor garden. With both day and night experiences and full-service dining at the adjoining Collections Café, this long-running exhibition offers a unique experience rain or shine.

9. Sky View Observatory

Experience the Sky View Observatory for yourself for 1 Hour for up to 4 people - 5 people in total! * Temporarily Closed for General Admission.* Sky View Observatory in downtown Seattle is the ideal first stop on your visit to the Emerald City. Here you can map your entire Pacific Northwest experience! Sky View is located on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center. At 902 feet, it offers the highest public viewing area in the Pacific Northwest. 360-degree panoramic view of Mt. Rainier, Bellevue, Cascade Mountains, Mt. Baker, Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, the Space Needle, and the city of Seattle.

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10. MOHAI: The Museum of History & Industry

Places to Visit in Seattle
The Museum of History & Industry

By Dllu - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41936249

Often referred to as MOHAI, the Museum of History and Industry celebrates Seattle's leading position in innovation and industry. This educational facility also catalogs the events that led to Seattle's rise as a major port city.

The True Northwest exhibit takes tourists on a journey through the history of the region, from Native American cultures to the present, and explores how geography and cultural events such as the Gold Rush helped shape the Emerald City. Visitors also enjoy 360-degree views of the city using an authentic WWII-era Tang periscope in the Maritime exhibit.

The museum's third-largest gallery focuses on how local inventors have placed the region at the forefront of innovation and new technology. It includes interactive exhibits and a chance to sneak a peek at concepts being discovered. The permanent collections in the museum's main gallery include a wide variety of historical objects, from vintage clothing to locally invented items.

11. Seattle Chinatown-International District

It is Seattle's famous destination for its Asian-American communities and is full of Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. It is also teeming with karaoke bars, souvenir shops, and markets selling imported goods.

Bonus: The Crocodile Back Bar

This is a great place where world-famous bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains perform when they are newly formed. With the perfect amount of space, bar accessibility, and a decently sized stage, you'll have a good time no matter which shows you choose to attend.

What to eat in Seattle?

While in Seattle, you should definitely try Asian cuisine because Seattle is one of the largest port cities on the Pacific coast.

# There are so many famous foods you should try in Seattle. Chicken teriyaki is one of them. A good option for meat lovers! Where can you eat Chicken teriyaki?

Toshio's Teriyaki

# Triple coconut cream pie is for dessert lovers! One of the flavors you can try in Seattle is Triple coconut cream pie. It is prepared with coconut shell, coconut cream, and whipped cream sprinkled with toasted coconut. Where you can eat triple coconut cream pie?

Dahlia Bakery

# The Seattle dog is a Seattle-style hot dog. It has become famous, usually by selling late at night. You must try this dish in Seattle. Where to Eat a Hot Dog in Seattle?

Rain City Hot Dogs & Burgers

Where to Stay in Seattle?

# If you're traveling to Seattle for the first time, we recommend staying near Downtown Seattle, Belltown, and Capitol Hill.

The best answer to your question of where to stay in Seattle is to choose hotels that are within walking distance of most places.

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