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12 Best Things to Do in Nassau

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Nassau is the capital and largest commercial center of the Bahamas. Nassau is an important tourist destination. That's why we prepared a to-do list for you when you get there! 12 Best Things to Do in Nassau

1. Swim with pigs

Although we do not know how the pigs got here, we enjoy swimming with them! Meeting and swimming with Exuma's pigs is at the top of the Nassau to-do list. You can even feed them. About 20 pigs and piglets are waiting for you.

2. Witness Pirate History

If you've been to Nassau, don't forget the pirates. There is even a museum for them called Pirates of Nassau! Even if Johnny Depp is not inside, this museum can make your day better. The sculptures inside are so realistic that you will learn a lot about pirates here.

3. Try Local Cocktails

You shouldn't leave without drinking local cocktails on the beach! Try Sky Juice, Bahama Mama, and The Painkiller.

4. Discover Colonial Buildings

See old bridges, forts, and colonial administration buildings. One of them, Fort Charlotte, is an Anglo-colonial fort. It is one of the few English castles still standing in Nassau.

Other historical places you can explore; Fort Fincastle, Fort Montagu, Queen’s Staircase, Christ Church Cathedral, Pompey Square, The Cloister, Nassau Public Library, Blackbeard’s Tower.

5. Eat Bahamian Food

The Bahamas is famous for its seafood. But local dishes are not missing! You must try the Caribbean-style Rum Cake and the Caribbean Style Macaroni Pie.

6. Feed the shark!

Compass Cay is famous for its nurse shark population in Exuma county. Do not be afraid! You can have a lovely time with them here.

7. Climb the Queen's Staircase

The 65-step Queen's Staircase was built from limestone rocks by 600 slaves to escape the castle above. It is an important landmark of Nassau. Yes, the history is bad, but you will still want to see it.

The stairs were later honored in the name of Queen Victoria for abolishing slavery, but interestingly, the number of steps is equal to the queen's reign.

8. Enjoy the Water

Don't forget to go to amazing water parks! Is there anything more fun than water slides?

9. Swim With Dolphins

In some businesses this is possible! You can swim with them for a fee.

10. Feel France in Nassau

You can feel France in Nassau in the terraced gardens reminiscent of Versailles.

Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

11. Listen to Bahamian Music

Have you heard of Bahamian music before? Be sure to listen while you're in Nassau.

12. Learn Bahamas History

At the Heritage Museum of The Bahamas, you can see everything from Pirates to slavery and life on the islands.