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A Brief History of New York

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

New York is an important political, commercial, fashion, and financial center worldwide. Are you curious about the history of this place that has passed from hand to hand? We have prepared a brief history of New York!

The first explorer of New York was Giovanni Verrazzano, who served in the French navy, and the French named the city New Angouleme. British Captain Hendry Hudson, working for the Dutch, set out westward to find India, like many explorers of that time. He arrived at the Hudson River and was named after him. Although Great Britain claimed the land, the Dutch had settled on both ends of the river in 1615. The Dutch bought Manhattan Island from the Native Americans in exchange for cloth and beads. They named it New Amsterdam. Peter Stuyvesant was appointed governor, but the Dutch reign lasted only 40 years.

In the reign of the King of Great Britain Charles II(1664), the British fleet under the command of James Duke of York docked near New Amsterdam. The Dutch Governor tried to persuade his men to fight, but it failed and James, Duke of York, occupied the city without firing a shot. New Amsterdam became New York after the occupation, and the city's population was only 10,000 when the British occupied it. In 1754, the French and the British fought for 9 years in New York. The British won and the colony remained theirs. The Dutch occupied the city again in 1773, but again their reign did not last long. The United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776, and New York became a colony of the United States. Then it finally made history as the eleventh state in 1788.


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